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Your son got booted from the US Army for doing coke, married his brother’s widow, cheated on her with a stripper and got that stripper pregnant, to whom he refused to pay child support. Right name for things horse poster. But you like to go around talking about how immoral Donald Trump is. Why What could possibly be his motivation for doing everything he can to hinder progress here the entire nation is suffering what the hell is he doing??? He has been elevated to a position where you cannot function step aside.

Right name for things horse poster

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We need your intelligent, experienced leadership and are going to need it desperately in the next several years to come if we are to recover at all from the total destruction of the corrupt and incompetent lack of leadership from the trump terrorist administration. Name your VP and Let’s go, Joe! Right name for things horse poster.Actually as someone of that generation who marched with him. That was a long time ago and he Did believe in what we now refer to as a pathway to legal citizenship. And He would be Appalled by the children in cages, and separated from families. Cesar Chavez was a hero. But by only honoring him limits his history and disregards true heroes who are left out of history. Dolores Huerta not only stood by chavez during the movimiento, she was also not credited for a lot of things he was known for, she was the one that coined his famous phrase Si Se Puede. They both should be honored together.

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