Rihanna 3d face mask

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Trump said the virus was a democratic hoax in January Google it! Rihanna 3d face mask. And did nothing, while the virus spread.

Rihanna 3d face mask

Rihanna 3d face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

Trump said the virus was under control and would simply vanish. Rihanna 3d face mask. We lost months when we could have been ramping up tests and getting ventilators but Trump was too busy tweeting. Where are the tests, ventilators and ppe? Wanda Cox Bartee talked to a cool dude at my bros today outside betting on ponies at Oaklawn and dude didn’t talk politics around my bro but when we we’re leaving? He repeated some fake left-wing news that was old to see if I would bite. Kinda funny cause my bro has a Trump sign on his garage for all to see it says. Donald Trump is responsible for the deaths of 36,822 Americans. He ignored all the expert advice, all the warnings. He decided golf was more important than American lives. Then he lied and lied about the coronavirus. He called it a hoax. He said the numbers would soon be down to zero. He said it would be over by April. He must be dragged out of the White House and held responsible for 36,822 deaths. Those who support Trump clearly hate this country, even if they are too stupid to know it. Let’s all stop any Democrat/Libtard or TDS Sufferer, from being elected, to any position. Vote, President Trump and Republicans/ Conservatives (House & Senate), 2020 and beyond! This is incredible Trump! When you can, I encourage you to consider giving Mark Dice a bigger platform! Mark Dice is really what helped me and a lot of people come over to your side!

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