Ring to my husband magic mug

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Because ignoring nearly half the country you run is what good leaders do right? I think we need to stop covering him and focus on an alternate view of what the daily news would look like under a Biden. I do believe Biden cares about all Americans. Ring to my husband magic mug. He may not get a lot done if there’s still too many Republicans in the Congress but what he does do will benefit all Americans and not just some. And he certainly won’t work for just the Democrats or just the blue states.

Ring to my husband magic mug

Ring to my husband mug
Ring to my husband mug

He always accuses others of which he himself is guilty. It was reported that he didn’t say anything about COVID-19 in the beginning because it was primarily attacking blue states. For even lower numbers, we should just ignore all deaths from COVID! Why stop at ignoring some of the data…? Ring to my husband magic mug. We should also ignore all crime data and become the safest place in the world. Blue state lives don’t matter to trump. This is discussing and heartless. The live and families matter regardless of where they live. Vote this POS out come Movember. Blue States are more densely populated while Red States population is just plain dense. Glad our POTUS does not politicize everything. Not only is tRump totally ignorant about the Constitution, he hasn’t a clue about the office he holds. Why he wasn’t 25th Amendmented during the last 2 years totally escapes reason. What happened to the Republican Senatorial Caucus and for that manner the Republican Party itself.

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