Ring to my wife magic mug

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I think the point is that we live in a republic. Blue states have the constitutional right to fail. Ring to my wife magic mug. The federal government should let them. Same goes for red states. The people vote for their local government and need to fix it themselves. Everything Biden has proposed is unconstitutional and will be pushed against as hard in red states as blue states are pushing against Trump and his attempts to reopen their economies. Red states don’t want to pay for blue state failures and vice versa.

Ring to my wife magic mug

Ring to my wife mug
Ring to my wife mug

Will be a day of great celebration in America when we have a leader who acknowledges our differences but focuses on what we all have in common and how we can work together to grow a more Amazing America for everyone. I’m really scared if Trump takes this again. Ring to my wife magic mug. If that happens I believe we’re done and we’re all dead. I truly think that. Please vote blue not just for Biden/Harris but we need to take back the senate too. Our lives depend on it. We are truly through the looking glass that any American still supports this atrocity of a human being. I can’t wait for the Biden administration to restore decency and respect not only for all Americans but for the Constitution and the dignity of the Office of the President. Yup, as president he will care about all of us unlike trump who bleeds red states and the rich and the diabolical. It will be so NICE to have a real president again

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