Rivendell LOTR Poster

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If every city had someone like Andrew in there corner. Rivendell LOTR Poster. Then our country would be run like our forefathers designed it to be, God bless you Andrew you’re the man.

Rivendell LOTR Poster

Rivendell LOTR Poster - A1
Poster – A1
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Poster – A4
Rivendell LOTR Poster - A2
Poster – A2

This is what leadership looks like! Rivendell LOTR Poster. We need Cuomo or someone like him in the WH handling this Coronavirus mess! The bimbo in the WH has done nothing but wait way too long to react to this virus and take action and then try to pat himself on his back, give false hope on remedies/vaccines and generally just mislead the public. You people he refused them cause the hospital might have needed them. Why would he need 14,000 respirators just sitting around. Wow u people. this is the hoax Trump talks about. Not the virus. The blame game. It’s really disheartening. Trump has some thick skin boy. he knew about other viruses H1N1 and the like. They are supposed to have a stockpile of medical supplies for this type of crisis. He chose not to replenish it. Eric Gill so maybe he should say that then. Far as I know all he’s doing is blaming. If he said that then I missed it. too bad he didn’t do his job as a governor and refill the states stockpile after the last influenza crisis. Rich Byrnes again…how does that help anything now?? We must live in reality. This situation must be dealt with for the betterment of the American people. Blaming is not saving lives. Why aren’t you blaming other governors if you are blaming the governor of New York? There is a shortage everywhere!

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