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How can we enforce compliance with social distancing and having people stay home? Rock star signature poster. I’m an American living in Ireland and I worry. My family in California is worried. People are not staying home in the numbers that they should. And as a teacher, I do wonder how can schools and universities be prepared / flexible to pivot to online learning if it becomes necessary.

Rock star signature poster

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Can you get some help for those uninsured due to the family glitch??? Rock star signature poster. I really don’t like going to work everyday putting myself at risk during this pandemic without insurance!! My spouse is taking a leave from work due to his medical issues which puts him at higher risk. I’m seriously considering taking an unpaid leave just to keep myself and my family safe. I worry everyday I go to work helping people in the check-out lanes purchase their groceries. We need during this time of crisis to relax the rules on the marketplace exchanges so everyone can get coverage based on their income!! I would gladly buy insurance if I could get the subsidy!! It is NOT right that lower income folks are going without coverage because health insurance takes up too much of their income. No one should have to make the choice of keeping a roof over their heads or buying health insurance!! This is so absurd

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