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The fact that President Trump is winning, and winning a lot mind you, is a direct result of common sense legislating and an innate ability to lead with superior leadership. Rocky Trump 3d Hoodie. Even if the Senate acquits him (like what happened to President Clinton) it still counts as impeachment.

Rocky Trump 3d Hoodie

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And he still wont be reelected in 2020. Hes finished. Boyd trump is playing 3d chess while everyone is playing checkers. Are you that dumb to believe that trump didn’t want this? Of course he did. He just showed how stupid the Democrats are. Even Nancy pants herself said he was trying to goad her into impeachment. He wont be removed from office, but guess what happens when we go to the Senate for the trial. Your infamous Democrats will be called to testify, and their corruption will be all for America to see. The fact that impeachment is on the table is a very good reason to see just how stupid you really are. Rocky Trump 3d Hoodie. Thats the whole point. Facebook puts his comments at the top of every post just to get us agitated and divide us even more. Daniel Molly the fact that you even think its possible he will be impeached shows how delusional you are. Jackie Brage yep hate is worthless but you are the democrats haven’t learned hate just wears you down and destroys the haters so we really aren’t worried about your hate! If they do, it’s just to tie up the dems running in primaries, as well as subpoenaing all those lying congressional witnesses.

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