Roses Better Days Are Coming Mija Poster

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Reminds me of a Harry Potter comic strip I saw once: Roses Better Days Are Coming Mija Poster Dumbledore: “The Forbidden Forest is off limits to all students. Except for detention. And only at night when it is darkest and scariest. I am so smart; what a great rule. 10 points to Dumbledore.” Except this is CEOs rewarding themselves for surviving a pandemic year on the backs of their employees’ efforts while slashing their employees’ pay and benefits.. Bernie is letting us know that greed is chairman of the board and we are the victims of this greed.. How is your pay Bernie ?. What were experiencing today is the precursor of the Great Depression. One of them was the great wealth Gap. What if “we the people” went on a national “no work” strike I bet them people would loose all their money in a matter of hours probably days.. Can you please tell us about ur wages and what other benefit u get on taxpayer money please be honest

Roses Better Days Are Coming Mija Poster

truth and common sense — Senator Sanders is a national treasure. I wish we had 61 senators who think and speak clearly. 5% will help Americans, 95% of this infrastructure is government fraud.. I love Bernie’s tenacity and focus. I wish he could have been elected our president in 2016. He has a good heart, he is committed to making the country and the planet healthier for everyone.. Roads and Bridges and Building that is all there is to infrastructure. Do not expand the meaning for a political agenda.. President Joe Biden has made lots of sacrifices to make America great again.. Margaret McCourt. Apparently words mean whatever the left determines. Actual meaning is irrelevant.. Our infrastructure always seems to falling apart. All of our congresspeople and senators have been if office, de for decades. How did this happen under their watch ?. Electrical Grids, sewars, Flood control along the Mississippi,and every Bridge in America as well as School asbestos abatement…elderly homes kept in repair will put 10 million people to work. Roses Better Days Are Coming Mija Poster

Roses Better Days Are Coming Mija Poster

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