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Anne SchoffThe special last night was incredible. So pleased that we are finally acknowledging some of our darker bits of history. Reparations are in order……long overdue!579 . Dana Angela-Alexis MillerHistory Channel also had a documentary on this horrible massacre last night. 128 . Judy Berry IngrahamAs a white, lifelong Tulsan, I am profoundly sorry and ashamed for the cruelty and devastation. Reparations of some kind must be made.571 . Susan RzucidloWatched the History Channel documentary last night. What a tragedy. And bombing their homes and killings To think it all started when a black teen had to go to another building and use a black person toilet. And then bumped into a girl on the elevator… See More178 . Tanisha HarrisWhen I learned about the Tulsa Massacre several years ago, I was shocked and confused. I had never learned, or read about it in school, or in my African American Studies courses. And, to learn the government was involved in the tragic murders of these … See More217  Rottweiler come on in this will be fun doormat

Rottweiler come on in this will be fun doormat

Cece JonesI would say that none of us would do anything like that again. BUT as long as we have one third of Americans supporting white supremacy and an ex president and his cult suppressing the vote in extreme actions and home grown terrorists encouraged by the… See More232 . Bassimah Al-Ayoubi  · FollowBeautiful sentiment from a intelligent, competent President who honored and genuinely cared for the the citizens he served and protected. You’re sorely missed. God bless you and your family for all you’ve done and still do.138 . Thomas McDonaldWhen I was in school we never even heard about this in our history lessons – they focused on the Greek formations, who won the battle at Zama, but nothing on Tulsa. and this was a catholic school too.74 . David WilliamsWithout acknowledging history, we’re doomed as individuals to repeat it. As always, you continue to speak with eloquence with grace.68  Rottweiler come on in this will be fun doormat

Rottweiler come on in this will be fun doormat

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