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Cheryl Stiffler-ToedteWatched it last night twice…so sorry and shameful but hope healing can come from knowledge and excepting this painful part of history. 10 . Christine CairnsNever knew and was never taught, soo many tragic deaths in our past. On this Memorial Day let remember All lives lost whether service men and women, Jewish, Asian, Black’s, Law enforcement or anyone of color. The hated that has grown during the last pr… See More24 . Jess GillespieVery sad and disturbing that this is still unknown to a lot of people. They aren’t interested in teaching real history 16 . India Hawkins-SmithFor all who keep asking “but what about this atrocity and that atrocity?” There isn’t a competition on atrocious behaviour and suffering. People can focus and have sympathy for all of these issues. No one will forget these things if you continue to spe… See More26 . John KettlesThis should be something that this country could have learned from. So much for this young country to still learn!17  Rottweiler eww humans doormat

Rottweiler eww humans doormat

Gemini JoshCrazy how we wasn’t taught this in school, n alot of our youth don’t even know what this is, 17 . Shauna JaegerEdit: so maybe facebook should have me see your memorial day post before showing me this? Maybe it’s this type of only showing people posts you think they want to see is the issue and is destructive. Look at my original reaction here below! It made me… See More104 . Lawrence Ian BuckSo weird that this happened 100 years ago today around the same time the mass grave of 215 children were found at a residential school in Canada this year.45 . Leonard TramielWe cannot learn from things that aren’t remembered.16 . Charlie Mkawe OchiengR.I.P Let’s love one another..this world is for us all and all of us one day shall leave it. Respect to human life!14 . Kamal Bistabarak obama the best leader in the world a multi talent poltician.a simplest human being.a political captain of america.joining with sentiment of people16  Rottweiler eww humans doormat

Rottweiler eww humans doormat

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