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Kathleen DillonWe were so lucky to have you as our President! 103 . Lurrann DixonThose kids were blessed. We and miss you!49 . Margaret SyrotiakHow marvelous. I’m sure they were all duly inspired . Love seeing you out there!34 . Louise Viscel MercurioWe miss you Mr. President! 96 . Reginald NwaukwaPresident Obama, good morning to you. Please kindly get a good and reliable intelligent information about what is happening in Eastern Nigeria where young men, children and women are massacred. Soldiers open fire on armless civilians… How I wish I can speak to you through any meduim..13 . Cindy White MulkeyThank you so much, former President Obama for the encouragement you give to these folks as well as others who you deem important.18 . Harish Chandra SrivastavaHome town visit gives immense pleasure and contentment to any one. Nice narration of your home town vist, Mr Obama.All the best wishes.22  Rottweiler go ahead make my day doormat

Rottweiler go ahead make my day doormat

Pamela Olden SmithThanks for continuing to nurture OUR youth19 . Sirakon BesongThe people’s leader. Lifetime president.40 . Charles KyangaEast or West, home will always be the best place. Thanks to your continued patronage, and for giving hope to those young folks who seem to be lost amidst overwhelming odds of social injustices, and unleveled social – Economic systems which tend to affect their competitiveness for attractive livelihood opportunities. We anticipate the best out of them through your works, and others on the same cause.13 . Antonia Maria Mendeshow good it is to have a president who cares about young people, this is the generation of the future, congratulations ex president barack obama16 . Śämüël MögëřéThis is all we call critical thinking people. Obama you are so wonderful person that indeed people need to copy from you..have it nice it’s really good 25 . Emily Smith HessNext time you’re in town, come by my house for supper. 14  Rottweiler go ahead make my day doormat

Rottweiler go ahead make my day doormat

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