Rottweiler Take My Hand Canvas prints

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Tabathia CollinsThe “Good Trouble Makers”, Thank you Lord. Amen! #BeBlessed . David Pittsburgh JonesMuch respect. You couldn’t have had a better mentor… . Annette JohnsonGod bless you Senator Warnock. We need someone like you, a praying man there now more than ever. Please pray for this country because we need God’s light to shine over this darkness that is being displayed in politics now. Once again thank you Senat… See More2 . Bobbie Ann MiceliThe Bridges you will cross with your brother and others… . Marley Harbuck GibsonI grew up in Troy, Alabama, where he grew up. Proud to have met him and happy to get into good trouble.1 . Susan FranciscovichAnd Mr. Lewis’s legacy will b with u both always.1 . Clarence WilliamsThank you Georgia voters! . Cynthia HatchettI’m so proud of you guys. Praying daily for your success in the Senate. 5 . Hugh PennSenator, congratulations for your win. I urge you to vote for acquittal in the impeachment trial of former President Trump. If your goals are truly to unite the country, it will serve no purpose to try to destroy a man who has served our country to the… See More5  Rottweiler Take My Hand Canvas prints

Rottweiler Take My Hand Canvas prints

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Barbara PattonI’m proud of their new bill . Vickey L. ChiversAbsolutely! Carry on! You all are making him proud! IJS!1 . Casey MitchellI’m so incredibly happy that you both are in there now!!!!! 1 . Sharon McEachern McGregorGet into some Good Trouble!1 . Will AntonioWishing both of you all the success in the world as you stand up and defend the legacy of the men who helped pave the way for you! . RaMona Drayton JacksonGood trouble for FAIR AND RIGHT FOR ALL PPL. unified force can not be stopped…… . Teresa WilsonCarry on the great legacy he left. Still praying for you each day just like I said I would. Continue to make us all proud!!! We know you can do it!!!2 . Karen McdonellWe are so proud of you two! 4 . Princess FisherHe’s smiling down on U talk from Heaven. . Charles E Gibson IIIDang—are they TRYING to make people tear up? These darn onions. 2  Rottweiler Take My Hand Canvas prints

Rottweiler Take My Hand Canvas prints

Shari WilsonEnd the filibuster. McConnell has been reduced to kicking rocks. Making empty threats about ending the filibuster is him kicking rocks. . Colleen CaporalY’all will make Georgia and John Lewis proud.  . Martha BranchThat’s what I’m talking about,good trouble!!! . Bates CopelandYou two certainly have your work cut out for you. Mitch is the one “playing politics!” He aptly named himself the “Grim Reaper” and will thwart the Dems and their agenda at every turn. He can’t be trusted to do the RIGHT thing for country!7 . Emma SemakulaWe’re absolutely have good leaders this time not perpets. . Nora McDowellContinue the march into #GoodTrouble legacy. . Sally LePage BarclayJohn Lewis would be so pleased! I am reading his recent book “Across That Bridge”—highly recommend! Keep up your good trouble and fight for ALL! 2 . Caroline Mwangiby the look of things,that’s how it is..John Ossoff >John LewisRaphael warnock >Martin Luther king..its God plan for you gentlemen to be president nd vice president in future1

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