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Yona TayeGreat work! The next generation requires our hard work and sacrifice. If We don’t want our children see what we have been witnessing almost on daily basis at the moment. Extreme systematic racism, division and wealth gap. #Rightnetworking #connection#hardwork#compassion 4 . Sui SuiWell said, Great Sir Obama Barack, formal President Of US, “Entire world are possible in books, you can grow and discover and make connections that you might not otherwise have made, just by the simple act of picking up and opening a book, when you look at history of big social movements,and big social change, it is usually young people who initiate this, Through books you can grow yourself in whatever way you want, books allow you to do it in your own way.If you give someone a helping hand at a young age, they will go on to do things that even they didn’t think or believe that was achievable to accomplish, Amazing young man like Marcus! He did such great things in Manchester in helping bring attention to impoverished children..Never underestimate youth power, the way we can lift them up the next generation of leaders is to let them see that exposing the truth is an acceptable act. Always bring up the Best in Youth like What Sir Obama Did, He lifted up current President Of US Too, amazing Sir Obama Barack, love by world people.8  Rottweiler you might get in but you won’t get out doormat

Rottweiler you might get in but you won’t get out doormat

Adrienne Clement RoseI just love Barak Obamo such an intelligent gentleman and Marcus Rashford has suitably impressed him !! 20 . Norma ScottI am so proud that Marcus is an Englishman . Thank you for your words of encouragement. They mean so much14 . Stephen LenangoisaThat’s my favorite player, God bless you you Mr Marcus rashford,leave you legacy for the next generations.8 . Prasadarao BhatlapenumarthyHi Obama the programs you have taken up are prize worthy. You are the Rolemòdel to the young generation. Whether in power or not you are doing Amazing work for the well being of younger world.May God bless you both with more helth and happiness with capacity to do the best for the future of young world7 . Jacob GimbaDad in Chief, thanks for being a dad, for all in government, a dad, that want things, to be done. in a right way, thanks, for the fight, of seeing (2525) nature cure center work for universe 6  Rottweiler you might get in but you won’t get out doormat

Rottweiler you might get in but you won’t get out doormat

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