Rum Bundaberg hawauuan shirt

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Thank you Mr. President for everything that you’ve done for this country. Even out of office for almost 4 years, you are still the voice that America needs in these trying times. It’s hard to keep our chins up anymore. Each day brings new horrors from the current administration. Rum Bundaberg hawauuan shirt.  I just want it to stop. We miss you so much, i used to believe the one person I wanted to meet face to face was an athelete, I was wrong, it would be you and yours. Thank you for your dignity, and leadership.

Rum Bundaberg hawauuan shirt

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shirt – detail

I’m a photo journalist and I’ve been five days and nights taking pictures of the protest/riot.  Even that takes it’s toll and I was on day 84 of quarantine from the virus. Wearing a mask and a long lens and social distancing and trying to capture history… The world is upside down. Rum Bundaberg hawauuan shirt. Thank you for the reminder and thank you for being here for us with sane, adult, articulate intelligent advice. President Obama, thanks for posting all of these links to valuable resources that can potentially help thousands of people cope through these difficult days and months. I appreciate your obvious care for all of us Americans. How about keeping our community safe as well where all the looting happening,a lot of people can’t buy food,can’t buy medication because all the stores were can we keep our mental health on check when we can even get the necessary things we need to live

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