Running When nothing goes right go run poster



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  Running When nothing goes right go run poster · 5:06 Good afternoon MR Former President Obama You will Always be mine and the People President Love You and Yours God Bless Y’all.   · 0:00.   · 0:00.   · 0:00.   · 0:00.   · 0:00.   · 0:00.   · 0:00.   · 0:06.   · 35:28.   · 16:45.   · 0:00.   · 36:13 Hello sir I am the biggest fan of you , best even president, I have dream to meet you at least once before my last breath .   · 25:17 President Obama you will always be my favorite. Your family is an inspiration to change history. God bless you..   · 0:00 Thank your excellency for your brief opening remarks to give direction to this quite relevant conversation to these unfortunate incidents in our current times of American life..   · 1:08:04 Great conversation! Thank you to all of those helping our communities! God bless everyone of you and thank you Mr. President for all of your support!

Running When nothing goes right go run poster

So weird that this happened 100 years ago today around the same time the mass grave of 215 children were found at a residential school in Canada this year.. We cannot learn from things that aren’t remembered.. R.I.P Let’s love one another..this world Running When nothing goes right go run poster is for us all and all of us one day shall leave it. Respect to human life!. barak obama the best leader in the world a multi talent poltician.a simplest human being.a political captain of america.joining with sentiment of people. The mob has not gone away and will not go away until the U.S.A becomes a democracy. the U.S. has never been a democracy. If it were then the person with the most votes would win the election for whatever post. There would not be an electoral college with power to change the outcome and the house and senate would not be able to change the result. I am just an outsider, but I despair of what is going on. I think that the house and senate members should be charged with being accessaries to the murders of all the people who died in multiple shootings because of in action on gun laws. By the way the police in the republic of Ireland do not carry guns.

Running When nothing goes right go run poster

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