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And the BBC hysteria machine continues. Rush All Album Poster. Why don’t you just shut up for 48 hours about this unless it worthy news.

Rush All Album Poster

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1 person dying out of 65m+ population is extremely sad but how many potentially passed away because of the common cold, A N Other ailment or a car crash. Keep some bloody perspective here and stop whipping up the hype and hysteria. In Italy (here) they panicked the population when there was no need for it. Rush All Album Poster. They went from: “Don’t worry peeps, we got this” to “our public health has failed”, which was not true at all. So, please don’t spread misinformation. That’s not how supermarkets function. It isn’t there job to police the amounts that people purchase, nor can they enforce it. They usually do it with restricted items. For example you cannot buy too much paracetamol at the same time. Depends , all it takes is 20 Idiots to buy 5 or 7 packets of toilet rolls each and within 20 minutes , the shelves are empty , if they do it again the following day and the following day . That’s all it takes , now everyone who shops normally find the shelves empty , 2 or 3 days in a row . What that does is enforce that the people people who genuinely want to but their usual 1 packet of toilet rolls , will now have to come early to avoid being late and seeing empty shelves . So the next morning , there are 200 people just wanting to buy their one packet of toilet rolls each , to avoid seeing empty shelves in 2 or 3 hours later.

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