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Fair play Boris but you do seem to be forgetting what Britain’s all about in order to appease others. Get back to true core Conservative and British values’n don’t pander to the minority. PS…..restore law and order and stop the Channel invasion. Ruth bader ginsburg collar face mask. I hope the same service for the NHS staff who battled against coronavirus will take place in the future. It’s about time we honour our emergency services in the same way as we do for our armed forces. The Battle of Britain 2 is taking place right now.

Ruth bader ginsburg collar face mask

Ruth bader ginsburg collar face mask ad
Ruth bader ginsburg collar face mask ad

Social distancing mmmm,one rule for one and one rule for another,but on the other hand thankyou for honouring our war heroes. He is giving back our freedom to be a sovereign state once more. This is a free country those who paid the ultimate sacrifice enabled us to enjoy and cherish the free society that many countries don’t have or are denied. Don’t let the negatives get you down Boris keep going and don’t stop. Respect to them. No respect for what is happening in the Channel though. Ruth bader ginsburg collar face mask. You need  to SORT IT OUT!!! How we can be bowing so easily to dinghies and the French escorts. It’s beyond comprehension! From a very disgruntled conservative voter. Germany should be more respectful to UK bearing in mind their extremely aggressive behaviour in 2 wars in recent history. France, Belgium, Italy, Holland and all the others seem to have forgotten the sacrifice of UK lives to free them from German occupation and domination.

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