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Yet they tell people to stay away! Samurai filter face mask. This is happening all over the place.

Samurai filter face mask

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When england should have been in lockdown! My sister works in a hospital. She has said despite predictions they have coped well. However fear and tantrums are all over facebook . Not a good place for reasonable debate. Queens med is empty. Samurai filter face mask. I work at a secure hospital too and no real issues there. I don’t doubt there is a very nefarious disease around but we are being lied to and manipulated. Why ? My ideas aren’t very popular I’m afraid! Finally common sense is starting to get involved. To many emotionally driven people wanting to be locked up in there homes the country has lost the plot. It’s tragic at best! WANTING to be locked in their homes? Are you crazy? They merely want to stay well, with no life limiting health problems which occur following a bout of C19. Lung scars cause immense problems. I’m not crazy just logical. The demographic that Covid19 is affecting is a mere skim of the population. You would think people were dropping left right and centre the way some people are going on about it. It’s been hyped up by the media and got people into a frenzy. As I said earlier a phased return to work, with legislation for social distancing until the numbers are much lower. The same with schools, half in school in am, then the half in pm. Offices, factories, shops and the like would need double the sales footage for social distancing to work if all staff went in at the same time. It’s not rocket science.

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