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And to think of how drastically different things could have been if Kemp was never elected governor. Samurai I choose poster. Georgia GOP cheats.

Samurai I choose poster

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The list of Multiple Federal investigations, wiped voter servers, voters being stricken from the rolls at unprecedented levels nationally , A governor who ” oversaw” his Own Election and refused to resign as Lt. Governor throughout the election.The list is breathtaking, it’s Third world. Georgia Cheats. This undermines not just this election, it undermine the voters’ belief in the system and undermines ALL of Democracy. Samurai I choose poster. All the same issues as the last election there in 2018. purging rolls, shutting polls in areas they perceive as having a high proportion of black/minority voters, machines failing on the day, long lines from those issues, now there is also the social distancing/masks so they dont pass on or get Covid-19. same old, same old from the govt in GA. current Gov got elected that way in 2018 when he was the Sec of State…..that is the official in charge of running those elections….no wonder he won the election with all those things going on there. clearly the state hasnt learned how to make voters rights a priority….well unless you are of caucasian descent. those ones conveniently forget they lost the war too. If Georgia can’t get enough help to run the polls or machines that work there should be mail in ballots allowed in the elections, or the government of Georgia should be thrown out for incompetence and charged with denying the people their constitutional right to vote. What a Scam.

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