San Antonio Spurs NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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Elle Carpenter   · FollowCan’t wait to hear the new stuff. I love love love all your albums – you’re my serious fav – somehow your music keeps getting better too!553 . Brandon CallowayVery happy to see you back in the studio. Looking forward to hearing your new music.6 . Jordin Nicole PowersYour song, Head Above Water, will be played at my wedding in 2 weeks! 2 years SOBER! Love that song. Kept my head right!32 . Jeyaluxmy RajendranYou are my all time fav. Can’t wait for the release, bet its gonna be awesome as always. Keep rocking 6 . Hope AveryShe is truly an amazing singer and she runs her own fashion business she is truly amazing. . Alexey AnikeichikI love you so much. I know my persistence can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid of me. You’re all I have. You are more precious than all the riches of the world. You’re deep in my heart. I can’t live without you.2  San Antonio Spurs NBA Hawaiian Shirt

San Antonio Spurs NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Christina LehrkampOne of my absolute favorite artists love her music. Her and pink are tied for me but I’ve always liked her.5 . Brian HansenSo there was a day that you had a concert in Texas at a mall parking lot. You were walking through the mall area to go on stage and you ran into myself and my best friend as we were getting fitted for Tuxes for his wedding. I really wanted to keep talk… See More16 . Tina Marie StephensAvril Lavigne has an absolutely beautiful voice!!!4 . Tito RiveraSo awesome to see you back with the headphones!!And recording again. … See More12 . Tyler AeryllI dont know why? but when it comes to you and your songs, goshhhh! am not my self anymore. you are so underrated, your songs and music are beyond from any comparison, am just bein’honest here! i will always love and support you! my inspiration.… See More4  San Antonio Spurs NBA Hawaiian Shirt

San Antonio Spurs NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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