San francisco 49ers cloth mask

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You will do what the Democrats always do, tax the poor and middle class to death then dole out a small portion back to us and say ” look how good we are to you! San francisco 49ers cloth mask.  End personal income tax and watch the poor and middle class flourish.

San francisco 49ers cloth mask

San francisco 49ers cloth mask - detail
cloth mask – detail

Yeah trumps been pushing that. Your not going to have to do much. You’ll try to get In office and take credit for it. Stop being scared, crawl out of your cave and go on stage face to face with trump and debate. Show the world how mentally not there you are. Women and every different set of nonwhite people had their highest rates of employment ever in mid February when Covid hit. San francisco 49ers cloth mask. Did you forget that? When we get through Covid Trump will bring back the economy again. Other then add regulations by the thousands and shut down the energy sector both of which will kill the economy I have not seen anything from your financial plan. As a woman, I don’t feel that I’ve been left behind at all. Started working at 13 in the corn fields of Iowa, owned a business and retired at 44. How is that oppression?? I worked hard and earned it! Oh and I’m the daughter of an immigrant.

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