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Could have been a resident who couldnt get the super to install. San Francisco 49ers Sneakers. The super shouldn’t be held liable for a company that isn’t staffing properly so that he has time to install .

San Francisco 49ers Sneakers

San Francisco 49ers Sneakers- white sole
Sneakers- white sole
San Francisco 49ers Sneakers- black sole
Sneakers- black sole

Don’t blame the individual, blame the management that is probably pinching pennies to maximize profit. Toronto police told CNN they will not be pursuing a criminal investigation of the accident.  Residents were told to make sure ac units are secure – obviously one tenant didn’t do that – aren’t they totally liable? Christina Miller Perrone the building would be liable too. They allowed these conditions. San Francisco 49ers Sneakers. They both should be held responsible. It was a freak accident… why are people always sue happy? Won’t change the fact that a two year old died horrifically. Storer but if someone didn’t install their window unit properly and the child died as a result, they should be held accountable. You can’t go around being negligent and hurting other people without consequences. The article states that the unit possibly wasn’t installed properly. So it wasn’t a freak accident, it was a disaster waiting to happen. James Robles just sue everyone. Because monetary gain will bring their baby back. It obviously wasn’t rigged as a trap intentionally. It’s called a law suit. You can’t just press criminal charges on people anytime something bad happens. Not everything is a crime with intent. Some things are just negligence.  This happened the city I live. There had been snow as well which maybe water buildup, ice/snow, etc person should have taken it in once they didn’t need anymore. It might have been not properly installed. But the parents hired a lawyer who’s doing an investigation so hope they get to the bottom of it.

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