Santa and Reindeer Mimi Claus shirt, tank top, longsleeve tee

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I just read another story the other day about 23 year old guy dying because he had to use cheap insulin because he lost his insurance. He ended up having a fatal reaction to it. James Evans so you think its greedy for people to keep what they earn but it’s not greedy to steal it at gunpoint for your benefit? Santa and Reindeer Mimi Claus. Wonderful philanthropy!

Santa and Reindeer Mimi Claus

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Santa and Reindeer Mimi Claus tank top
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Very generous of Jordan… Such a tragedy that this is even needed in a supposed first-world country where we should have universal healthcare. We have the same knee doctor in LA. A nice, approachable person. Certainly paying it forward Michael! Good for you… doing longterm good or those less fortunate. Good job Mr Jordan. Not the likes who die penniless and have nothing too show where they put their money. Instead they buy gold chains expensive cars thereby giving that money back to the powers that be. We need more Millionaire’s like you to give back to the community because there are so many people who needs it the most. Bonnie Granskog I’m sure there are a few givers out there. Santa and Reindeer Mimi Claus. As you may or may not know the Affordable Care Act is a working progress and we need to give it time, But in the meantime rich people like MJ giving back to our community we should always be grateful and acknowledge their kindness. This is nice and very honorable however everyday citizens shouldn’t be funding health clinics for uninsured. There is a huge wealth gap in the United States. We need to fix the system so that it works for everyday Americans. It is very sad that we cannot care for our people due to the greed of the rich but thank you Michael for giving back!really? To knock a person for doing the right thing is way too critical.

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