Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater and jumper

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A Letter to Humans Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater. President Thomas Jefferson #1: Dear President Jefferson, We wish you were here. We need your wisdom. We need your advice. Do you remember that when you were writing the U.S. Constitution, you took advice from the Father of Human Rights, Ancient Persia’s Cyrus the Great who had already written the Human Rights Cylinder 2500 years before? Do you remember how honorable Cyrus the Great was? You know that when he conquered Babylon, he paid homage to the Babylonian God Marduk; he freed all the slaves, & helped the Jewish people live wherever they wished? We, as Persian-Americans are children of Cyrus the Great. You may not believe that after 2500 years, the children of Cyrus the Great, in Iran, have no basic rights. They cannot choose what to wear, to eat, pray to, music to listen to or wife or husband to choose. What has happened to the land of Cyrus the Great?

Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater

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Luckiest boy in the world! Anderson is great dad material.. These photos are the sweetest things. Ive always loved Anderson Cooper & when I heard he was adopting I was thrilled. I’m also adopted & know the great blessing & joy it does bring. Have a most wonderful, normal, joyfilled life together. Blessings to both father & son.. Every baby is the cutest baby, but must admit, this little one is adorable. So happy for Anderson Cooper. Great gift for both of them.. Anderson, wyatt is such a little doll. I need to hug him, and kiss his little face, when we get through this pandemic. Stay safe. Love from this American to you both.. So, so Adorable. Happiness springs over from both of you!! Couldn’t be happier for you Anderson.enjoy this wonderful son of yours!. He is absolutely adorable. Saving christmas hunting things the family business ugly sweater He is also very fortunate to have such an incredible father!. He is adorable. He has blue eyes just like Anderson. They are so cute together. It’s sad that his mother didn’t live long enough to enjoy their happiness. This land, Iran, is now a shameful, sad, and miserable place, full of darkness & despair. The same land from which sprung the father of human rights. Can you believe it? You will not believe that it was one of our U.S. presidents, Mr. Jimmy Carter, who supported vicious & cruel ant-civilization, anti-human progress, anti-women “Khomeini”, to overturn the Shah of Iran, in the name of supporting human rights in Iran. It was President Reagan who said that, President Carter brought shame & darkness to U.S. history since the Shah was a good person & a good friend to the U.S. Do you know that today, women in Iran are being stoned? Do you know that Iranian Government murders peaceful demonstrators? Do you know that the Iranian government executes its prisoners without regard to their crimes? Do you know that even juveniles are publicly hanged in Iran? Can you believe that journalists in Iran are imprisoned or forced into exile? It’s unbelievable how such crimes could be occurring in the land of Cyrus the Great after 2,500 years. How could people be less civilized than their ancestors? Do you remember what you wrote in the Declaration of Independence? “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it…” Do you remember once you said that America is an “Empire of Liberty”? You made this great land a home for everyone. You crafted the dreamed heaven on Earth. We believe that once more you brought the amazing democracy & happiness that Cyrus the Great initiated 2500 years ago back to our lives through the creation of this Great land of America. Now please allow us to tell you about what is happening in the graceful land that you made; the beautiful United States of America. The same enemies of humanity that are committing the horrible acts in “Iran” have penetrated the United States. They have seeped into every layer of our country, like bacteria under the skin. The enemies are hiding in plain sight…even in the U.S. Army! We have been screaming about this & no one is listening.

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Perfect in every way. Aren’t babies grand?. Lucky boygot the kind and loving Anderson for a father…yay!. Who says that?? Everyone has the cutest baby for 2020!! All in the eyes of individuals.. Really. I beg to differ, My great-granddaughter is.. So thrilled for Anderson!! Whenever he talks about Wyatt, he just beams!! I hope Wyatt has his dads infectious laugh!. He is cute but to me my babies are the cutest. As all parents think the same that their babies are the cutest.. Anderson looks so happy!! He lights up everytime you see him with his baby or if anyone mentions his baby on his show,He is a great dad!!. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. I always thought that you would be a great dad if given the opportunity. Your love for him just radiates from you.. All do respect but my baby girl is cutest in the world ! People magazine get it right !

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