Say their names poster

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I noticed when Trump gave his State of the Union address that all the people who were in attendance were standing and applauding the POS. Say their names poster. The only people not standing and clapping were the men in uniform.

Say their names poster

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poster – A4
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poster – A2
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poster – A1

Trump’s generals and decorated military. Nothing will change !! The great Obama went through this four times and changed nothing. Democrats will play the symphony card and promise to change the world in an effort to get Dementia Joe elected but in the end it is what it is and that’s all !!!! Should be more than them ; but we all know what some of the tribe wants . To continue to feel superior to everyone else in the world . They that exalt themself will be humble . Say their names poster. Jesus Christ. Kelly has no room to talk he gave him some of the power that he has today by working for him in hiding things that he was doing while he was working for him so anything he says it’s not credible to me anyways go high somewhere black lives matter. Pretty sure most of these people were against McCain and BUSH or waited until the last moment to endorse him. No news here CNN. In any case 10s of millions of Americans are behind any president willing stand up for a neighborhood’s helpless and vulnerable in the face of a mob of violent, destructive, burning, looting leftist anarchists hijacking a peaceful protest. the white supremacists are the liberals promoting this divide of races! Obviously. They even painted a picture for those of you who need it.

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