Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster

Do you love it? Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster.  Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.

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Senator Raphael Warnock let’s get the voting rights act passed asap. Well, I guess we’ll see just how truthful your promise to represent ALL Georgians is and how seriously you take the oath you made to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Please vote NO to the unconstitutional impeachment trial in … See More. “For three decades, successive presidents—Trump included—continually expanded U.S. wars, forward deployments, and defense commitments in the pursuit of armed dominance across the globe. The price of primacy, as I wrote in these pages last year (“The Pr… See More Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster FOREIGNAFFAIRS.COM Delusions of Dominance. So excited to have you in the senate!! I’m proud to be sitting on this flight waiting to take off from Chicago to visit Atlanta today and this week! Y’all are making the necessary changes this country needs!. PRESSURE THE SENATE DEMOCRATS TO MAKE TRUMP TESTIFY AT THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL. AT LEAST HE WILL BE CHARGED WITH PERJURY.

Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster

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Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster 3
Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster 2

Nicely captured- together we stand in our attempt to “build back better”!. You the Boss!! So proud of you !! . Reverend/Senator Raphael Warnock… I’m So Proud of You and Senator Jon Ossoff!! Fyi… John Lewis is Smiling Down Upon You from the Heavens Above!!. Don’t Lose your Focus always keep in mind why you are There. This may be true, but remember that half your Senate colleagues supported a ‘president’ who was endorsed by the KKK. Please watch your back, sir!. Conquorer Beloved the monopoly of game changers Were with you brother as you are with Us. Be a good senator to your people bro, love from Nigeria. It’s been a long Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster A long time coming But I know a change gonna come… See More. So true, connection is greater than schism.. 2. Wonderful. But take a stand on impeachment. You were not sent there to straddle the fence. Respectfully.. Rev. (Senator) Warnok, Praise God that I am sure everyone will know that you n Senator Osoff are in Washington. I pray God’s hedge of protection upon all members of Congress in these most difficult times.

Schnauzer Take my hand canvas print and poster

Thank God for you .Fayetteville n.c.. I’m from Freetown Sierra Leone, in West Africa. Praying for Rev to Succeed in your new assignment.. The “sides” of the aisles are really like the aisles in a Church . I really wish you would contact me. I have been trying to get to you and Jon Ossoff for your help, but no response. You all were supposed to help us. I voted for both of you. I am proud to have you but I need help with not getting a stimulus check. Th… See More. Hopefully, you can get to work on HR 40.. So proud of you!. Your wasting your time.. the democrats are already caving to republicans… we got them the senate to only share the power or I mean let republicans keep powere thanks to shumer, Kristen sinema, Joe manchin.. disgusted by democrats.. we’re losing in 20… See More

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