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Jimmie Edwards that’s awesome this lady is also smart enough and classy enough to not debate with someone who acts like a child . Jimmie Edwards I drive a car absolutely and don’t hate oil but when she came here she didn’t fly in on a private jet or tour the oils sands in a helicopter and she came on a sail boat not a yacht . Also smart enough to do my research . Schwifty Rick Adidas. If calling me names makes you feel manly good for you .

Schwifty Rick Adidas

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Jimmie Edwards nasty looking punk child ? You write for the world to see and you criticize a young women’s looks ? Montana Cromwell only be hater proves that you’re inferior to her…..especially when you’re a grown-up hating on a child how pathetic. That she is. I’m assuming the ppl laughing were the ones marching to area 51 in search of aliens. We’re proud to see kids like Greta be passionate about something so criticalShin Akira if only she did more than reading what other’s write for her. There’s no one picture of that puppet picking up trash from a beach or whatever. Schwifty Rick Adidas. Sophie Thanks for posting and translating the article. The made up stories about so-called adults writing her speeches come from the right wing and the fossil fuel industry. Of course there are people that did poorly in school that resent gifted students and can’t believe she can write better than they can. This only indicates how delusional and totally disconnected from the real world celebrities are.. Watched Ellen DeGeneres interview with Greta earlier. So they each flew on a jumbo jet and then drove in a car to get to the meeting place to lecture us, they don’t feel the need to sacrifice, it is just the peasants job to go without, got it.

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