Scooby-doo jigsaw puzzle

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Even sinking to the connecting of the pandemic to race eh, Joe? Then you connect Donald Trump to both eh, Joe? Scooby-doo jigsaw puzzle. We can see your game so you’ll have to be far more supple if you want to fool the average thinking person. This is what the Democratic Party continues to do to us and we allow it by voting for them decade after decade. Malcolm X warned us about the progressive left but we continue to allow ourselves to be deceived by this satanic party

Scooby-doo jigsaw puzzle

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puzzle – detail

Not going to pay to subscribe to the NYT to read the article. Looking at the map included in this post, the article certainly looks bogus. Scooby-doo jigsaw puzzle. No cases indicated for California and Texas??? They are in the midst of a surge and there are no data points? Fake news? Maybe, but it’s certainly a fake race pander. Joe you have been an embarrassment for over 40 years in Congress. A corrupt and babbling politician that couldn’t get by in a real job. Another multimillionaire on a civil servant salary. Forty years of supporting the policies that created the projects and now cries about what he helped create. Typical leftist. He’s hardly a Leftist. Nor is he singularly responsible. However, instead of doubling-down on ignorance and racism like 45 is doing, he’s addressing the problems and wants to find solutions.

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