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Shop váy đầm thiết kế.GU  · FollowI love you. Always in my mind ‘without you’ , I heard this lovely song since I was 7 on my Sony walkman.  . Abdul Razak AbdulaiFor those of us in our fifty’s we still remember how ur songs voice hair personality impacted in Life, Mariah u r still e same beautiful, when r u coming Ghana West Africa.1 . Daria Danielle CampbellI have tried to let you know before but you don’t remember. We knew each other when we were very young. I have a picture of you at my Birthday party. And I had a sleep over at your house. When we went out people (this was the 70s) asked what our names were and they were freaked out because our names were so odd. Even if you don’t remember me I remember you and I think you are amazing.1 . M Vince Balalways beautiful inside and out…we can’t wait for a new song from you…. 3  Sea Turtle Floral Hawaiian Shirt And Short

Sea Turtle Floral Hawaiian Shirt And Short

Andrea MartinezOh I remember this one Mariah. Love you guys. Happy Birthday Patti! I’ve been blessed to see you grace the stage twice and you are amazing Queen!4 . Eugene DemacopoulosI think Mariah removed her whistle from this on purpose to not overshadow Patti on her happy birthday post!6 . Doris TaylorOne of my favorite old school songs. They did that 5 . Summer LongBeautiful ladies with incredible singing voices.2 . Joshua MartinOmg one of my fav live performances of all of yours!!!! Incomparable Ms. Carey!!!!!!4 . Top FanStève Puig2 legends singing together! 6 . Monique LynchDid Mama Patty voice overpower Mariah’s voice when they hit that note or is it just me??? Because I couldn’t hear Mariah at all on that part. I just saw her lips moving! 10 . Edmilson SilvaI love this performance but with the whistle note.8 . Denton ClarkeOn of my favorites song from the diva is some body loves you1 . Bridget MartinGod bless you miss Patty LaBelle urm pentastic for malleable person there’s nobody like her voice asked me who could compare to you be falling at your knees living legend icon what can you say That’s what I call divas licious.2  Sea Turtle Floral Hawaiian Shirt And Short

Sea Turtle Floral Hawaiian Shirt And Short

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