Seattle Mariners I’m Groot Tumbler

Do you love it? Seattle Mariners I’m Groot Tumbler. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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Johnny you are not paying attention. Seattle Mariners I’m Groot Tumbler. Even the Pentagon have altered plans.

Seattle Mariners I’m Groot Tumbler

Seattle Mariners I'm Groot Tumbler- 20 oz
Tumbler- 20 oz

Putting on hold many operations and this virus has change deployment and troop rotation. Are thinking the Pentagon are hysterical. You have idea the severity of this virus in this country because this administration’s debacle we have tested less than 11000 people. Seattle Mariners I’m Groot Tumbler. These are the questions people must ask themselves. Is the liberal media types like CNN and MSNBC purposely trying to crash the economy over this virus? Will democrats raise taxes if a democrat becomes President in 2020 with our Market crashing because of a virus? Will a democrat in the White House have open borders during this virus? If the answer to all these questions are yes which they are then why would anyone vote for a Biden who can’t remember if he tied his shoes or hold a complete thought? The fact is the liberal media along with the democrats in the house may I add own our purse and spending are purposely crashing our markets over this virus. My post is all facts what if a Biden wins in 2020 which he won’t he said he was going to raise our taxes democrats will have open borders and also democrats want illegals to have free healthcare paid by we the people how much worse do you think the economy would crash under Biden and democrats? Closing Disney World is a good idea. However, I hope they refund the people that have already paid for tickets and resort packages. They will refund or reschedule.

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