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Love watching you perform, so glad I have the new you to watch and the “old” lol you.You’ve come a long way, but dont get out of reach of where you started, it’ll keep you humble. Much love.. Ed Sheeran Notice when? Your music makes me happy jeep safe teddy I love you . You are Awesome! So glad you are back! I Love your new songs cannot wait to purchase the CD!. It was an amazing performance! . Love this !! Can’t wait to come and hear you sing it live in Cardiff next year. Saw you in Cardiff, the last concert you did there, it was absolutely AMAZING !! Can’t wait to see you again . Ed . I have been loving your Music very long times when I first Saw your video’s from Anne Maria Kimble. To Ed Sheeran. I’m sending you . You are welcome post picture Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat Pause GIF

Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

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Watched interview and performance this morning. Amazing as usual . A true genuine guy in all ways his music is amazing xx. My special needs daughter loves your music. It is routinely used during her days. Bath, eating, therapy, etc. Come back to Michigan. Was the best 60 th birthday present from my daughter and her partner to see Ed live. He is the most genuine nice person he should be very proud of himself. Very talented and great artist. Missed your concert in Chicago several years ago due to family event in northern Virginia.,Hope to see you in your next American concert tour. Congrats on your new music and family.. Cannot wait to see you live next year finally twice I’ve missed out, nearly missed it this time around but even though the system wouldnt process payment at Manchester so I’m on the pitch at Cardiff if any Manchester etihads wanna swap for Cardiff let me know if it’s aloud Seattle Mariners For Life Cap Hat

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I’m 79 years old and just got introduced to your voice in face book your voice is so beautiful and God given it makes me feel so happy and cheerful when I hear it. I absolutely adore you. My friends and I are all going to Hamden to see you. The stress getting 9 tickets yesterday. One of the only artists I’ve listen to live and are never different I can’t wait to see you in the tour Ed tickets booked and done for you extra day in June I thank you so much xx good luckxc. So handsome in a tux! Love this song!!. Absolutely amazing , didn’t no you made your daughter cot. I love how you sound exactly the same live then you do on Spotify, sometime singers just don’t sound the same live but those notes you hits are just chefs kiss . We were also lucky enough to get tickets for Wembly next year Love you Ed

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