Seattle Seahawk 3d face mask

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Why isn’t there a more robust plan for renters? Suspending rent seems inadequate. Seattle Seahawk 3d face mask. If people can’t pay now, how are they expected to have money to pay it in 3 months. Everyone needs to vote for Bernie in the primary (I did) so he has as many delegates as possible as leverage for our platform! Love you Bernie. If Bernie were to become President, this is the kind of people he would consult with — smart people who care more about human wellbeing than in becoming billionaires.

Seattle Seahawk 3d face mask

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face mask – detail

Public Option is not good enough. People cannot buy insurance right now. What is Joe thinking? Seattle Seahawk 3d face mask. Bernie please push him further to make huge changes with that. I know you will do your best. Bernie I love you man. You being the VP doesn’t guarantee the dems my vote, but would be the only way I would even consider it. The middle class can no longer continue to pay for the bail-outs of the too-big-to fail corporations, banks and airline industry who have no regard for the well-being of the people and the environment. Bernie, my one hope was that you would be president and we could change this country. Now I have no hope of this. All news is bleak now. I hope we can build mass movements, but I am not hopeful.

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