Seattle seahawks cloth mask

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Thank you Joe Biden for never abandoning the wonderful American people because every family deserves to have health, a good job and be truly happy forever. How about you just show us all how much you love and know Joe, name one thing Joe Biden has done in 45 years in government? Bert Perez exactly, trump has done more in 3 years then Joe has in 45 years. Seattle seahawks cloth mask. Joe Biden has dementia and shouldn’t even be left in charge of a lemonade stand. All these leftist brain dead zombies want is identity politics which doesn’t solve a single thing but create divisions.

Seattle seahawks cloth mask

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Do you know anything about the Bidens? Bidens keep some pretty good company. Since his father left office, Hunter has cultivated a relationship with the Chinese billionaire Ye Jianming. Hunter told The New Yorker the pair had partnered on a natural gas venture in Louisiana and that Ye had once gifted him a large diamond. Hunter also dealt with Ye’s deputy, Patrick Ho. Seattle seahawks cloth mask. In November 2017, federal agents in New York arrested Ho on suspicion of bribing government officials in Chad and Uganda. Ho’s first call, according to The New York Times, was to James Biden, who told the paper Ho had been trying to reach Hunter. Ho was convicted on seven counts in December. Ye has disappeared from public view, and his name has surfaced in a corruption case in China. We need a bill in congress that holds accountable the governors that put money over human lives. Their decisions directly impact the death toll and that is the same as murder.

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