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Our thoughts go out to all of those battling this virus. To all of you in healthcare, thank you! To our first responders, thank you. My husband and I voted early in FL. Our son also voted for the first time with us. Health care used to be nonprofit, and it needs to be so again. See you again signature poster. There are ways to do this and have universal coverage without having Medicare for all. Medicare itself needs to be expanded so that a wider range of care is available in all states and territories.

See you again signature poster



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Can you commit to notcutting Social Security and Medicare, as you have multiple times in the past. That has me very worried as I just turned 65 and would like to be able to collect the money that I have paid into it my whole working life. please. Social Security is not an entitlement. See you again signature poster. I’ve just become aware of single mothers who now are not allowed to bring their children into grocery stores, etc. because only one person per family at a time can shop at a time. Many single mothers are isolating alone with their young children with little support nearby. They also have a tight budget and paying for deliveries can get expensive. So refreshing to listen to a leader who can make complete sentences and string them together into a coherent sentence God our bar has become low Thank you Bidens for raising it

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