Selena 3d face mask

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Instead of facing the truth about our economy many choose to attack the younger generations and blame them as if the woeful US economy is something that can be dealt with by just working harder, smarter or pulling oneself up by their bootstraps! Selena 3d face mask. It’s really a sad state of affairs when the solution seems to be dividing Americans instead of uniting them with public policy that assists citizens in living their lives

Selena 3d face mask

Selena 3d face mask - detail
face mask – detail

The rich and well connected are already getting UBI from all the people’s taxes, over-work and under-compensation of employees, subsidies, unearned bonuses and not paying a fair share in tax. Selena 3d face mask. Every man woman and child should get $1000 Universal Basic Income. Its time to let the natural process of business… buying/selling return. Purchasing power, selling good products power, voting power. it is important that they have good opportunities but it is also important that people learn financial education, there are too many people throwing their money in things that they do not need instead of investing it, leave the rich in peace, lower taxes to those who make less money invite the middle class to invest and create assets that generate cash flow

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