SF 49ers filter face mask

Do you want it? Full color, available in a few days. Chicago cubs tribute art filter face mask. Buy it today before we sell out.



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In today’s world Ike would have been to the left of Bernie. He has warned us about the military industrial complex but no one listened. SF 49ers filter face mask. Today Bernie was screaming his head of about the corporate elites and the bilioners robing the rest of us and all you assholes still posting bulshit about this country is not socialist. Just keep wearing your made in China mega hats…see how that will workout for you. Right now, the US is looking more like a wannabe authoritarian corperatocracy than a functioning democracy with the loonie in charge thinking just he alone ” calls the shots”

SF 49ers filter face mask

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The reality is all the military might in the world was no match for a bat in an overcrowded market. Moral of story: don’t screw around with how nature works and realize military might is not the answer to all problems. If this were what Republicans were like, Democrats and Republicans would go back to being opposition parties rather than the enemies they are now. Shame what the US has become. It was a lovely dream, once. Don’t mention Eisenhower’s progressive tax rate around conservatives, they wanna forget that he was a Republican. SF 49ers filter face mask. And both parties support the war machine. Thank you very little America for voting for more of the same. Sharp imbalance between Rich and Poor, Hunger, Lack of Healthcare, poor Education are not a product if Economy or Race . It is Government Policy.

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