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Jake Johnson It says in the article that convalescent plasma from the other strain is more effective against this one. Shark lover face mask. So antibodies do indeed still work in treatment.

Shark lover face mask

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But we would like to keep our loved ones alive for a while longer if it pleases you, your fking highness. So like I said you don’t have any credentials in anything regarding epidemiology or novel diseases? Sweden has tried this approach, and barely 7% of the population has antibodies. At that rate it would take years for the herd immunity theory to work, if ever. Can you show me evidence immunity to this virus last long term? Thanks Dr. Doug. Shark lover face mask. I wish I got herd immunity for the the common cold at the end of 2019 when i caught it a second time within 50 days of recovering from previous time. Ironically I was boldly hanging around someone who had the cough thinking I just recovered so I wouldn’t catch it again. You seem to be forgetting one little issue. People who have had the virus aren’t showing any antibodies after 3-4 months so if that happens to even a small percentage there will be no herd immunity. Doug Wikfors this virus DOESN’T give out anti bodies .. so you will never reach Herd immunity.. it’s not the Chicken pox.. Yes, it causes the body to develop antibodies. (No disease gives out antibodies.) What’s not known is whether or not those antibodies co get immunity or for how long any immunity lasts.

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