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And $85,000 debt (just in loans-not counting scholarships/grants) plus $12,000 in parent loans is a stiff price to pay to be a social worker….. No cancellation , that is immoral. They signed contracts , make them live up to them. College should be like all other expenditures , get the best deal you can. Also students benefit materially from these loans , by and large.. Well you took the loan. If you actually read the loan documents duh you have to pay it back. It’s the colleges that have to change the fees.. I’m so surprised that Donald didn’t already do this as he was making America great again . I never did believe anything he said. Tom Wilson Shih tzu american house flag garden flag I happen to believe that getting an education shouldn’t leave you with crippling debt for decades to come.. For every issue we care about there is a video of Bernie back in the day saying what needs saying and he’s still saying it. #receipts

Shih tzu american house flag garden flag

Millions of jobs? There are seven billion jobs, coming on now. Basically the job of surviving the current collapse for as long as possible, and trying to go out with some dignity. Shih tzu american house flag garden flag Oh, but to pound the podium, and campaign on ideas that might have worked forty years ago!. Good plan, let’s start with an allocation of tax dollars towards cleaning up the ocean. Alongside that, embrace permaculture and Hugelkulture to cool down the land. #mymilitarytaxesforoceancleanup. Bernie I live in California and the yearly wildfires have put the entire west coast into a year-round PTSD and uncertainty on the sustainability of our health with air quality in the summer as well as drought and less food production. Stopping climate change is the only way to save us now or this great state will eventually lose it’s people to fire destruction, lung diseases and distress. Thank you for your words and yes it’s so much more important for us to focus on the issues effecting our health at hand than causing pain and destruction overseas. Our people are suffering from natural disasters in the south as well. We need to do something now

Shih tzu american house flag garden flag

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