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Time for the rich to anti up. The workers at 7.25 an hour have done enough. The people who have had no raise for years, have had enough. The middle class is carrying America on their backs.. Eat the Rich. 1 billion dollars. That should be the cap on personal wealth. That’s more money than a family can spend in 10 lifetimes. The rest should go back into the economy. Towards infrastructure, free healthcare, free secondary education, grants, etc.. There should not be any raise on taxes.. Internet companies need regulated, they raise prices whenever they feel like it with no actual increase in internet speeds.. Unbelievable! The Republicans have only just given away billions to the top-end-of-town in huge tax cuts under Trump, and now they want to increase taxes on the bottom half! That they even think they can get away with that is just unfathomable! That’s what you call “wealth redistribution Republican-style”!! Shih Tzu Dog Proud Nation Flags

Shih Tzu Dog Proud Nation Flags

Look up the history of taxes in the united states .. Originally was to tax the people who were making lots of money . I dont mind paying taxes as long as everyone else is!!!! Everone must pay taxes!. Nancy Mattson McAfee. 10 people have more wealth than half the people in this country. A little over 150,000,000 people. Yeah tax the f%@$& rich. Why is this a debate. We need term limits in congress so we can get people in there who actually have an idea of what the average citizen goes through. The best this country ever did was when we taxed the rich over 50%. The amount of people who are so brainwashed to licking the boots of rich people is astounding.. Guess I’m a little crabby this morning, but I gotta ask…will we ever be free of another way the Republicans are trying to shaft us?! Shih Tzu Dog Proud Nation Flags

Shih Tzu Dog Proud Nation Flags

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