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Albert BregarHow about we as a society teach our children that all life is precious?28 . Maria AshbyEnough! Let’s get sensible gun reform. Background checks on all gun buys. limit the amount of weapons one can buy at a time ( like Sudafed). Required training and license for all gun buyers ( like cars).21 . Joe SchroederThings Joe didn’t write #8618 . John KrecklowYou think the vast majority of gun owners agree with you? Where do you get that information? According to the laws you would like passed, the vast majority of gun owners would automatically become felons. I’m pretty sure they don’t support your efforts… See More20 . John LobmeyerDoesn’t California already have the toughest Gun Laws in the United States ALREADY????15 . Janet BoggsJesus Christ! The bodies aren’t even cold yet, and you’re using this as a political platform???? Enough! California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation… and this criminal still committed a heinous act. You can’t fix evil. 73  Shih tzu lovers High Waist Leggings

Shih tzu lovers High Waist Leggings

Pat ScherfCreate harsher penalties for crimes involving guns. 17 . Karen Thomas HeckerMight as well keep it at half mask until America wakes up and does something. 19 . Daniel LemleyWe don’t need more gun laws we need to have the ability to show adults and kids how guns work and how they protect our families. Also parents with guns need to keep them locked up better. But don’t forget our government is the ones creating these shoot… See More14 . Robert NugentPlease enlighten me on how this shooting could have been prevented with new legislation.9 . Constance WardWhat type of gun was used? This is appalling! GUN CONTROL is a MUST!7 . Charles HarwellI don’t understand the flag at half mast for mass shooting victims. More people were murdered in Chicago this past weekend than in the San Jose murders and they didn’t get a half mast flag. It must just be for show. Can someone splain it to me. Thanks!… See More6  Shih tzu lovers High Waist Leggings

Shih tzu lovers High Waist Leggings

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