Shoes off black white doormat

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Susan TiernoThe show is outstanding. My first grade English Language learners beg to see this show for a lunchtime viewing. Thank you so much for fun, laughter and good facts. We love Peruvian visits!!!xoxoxoxoxx . Mary JohnsonMy grandson LOVES this show….so much that for his birthday on April 20th Henrik is having a covid family birthday themed Waffles and Mochi! Thank you for bringing such fun characters with such interesting facts! Henrik informs me ( his Gram)about to… See More2 . Gwendolyn KempI love watching those shows with my children especially the younger two they love watching Sesame Street . Stephanie Beasley FinneyMy granddaughter, Kimora, and I just love watching “Waffles and Moche” together! It is a great show for learning about healthy foods and recipes. So entertaining and funny too! Thank you so much!!!2 . Katherine JohnstonLove you so much and thinking of you often I have your book looking at me everyday .. and I love and treasure you and your message to the world .. love gratitude and joy you give .. wisdom compassion and inspiration   Shoes off black white doormat

Shoes off black white doormat

Is the garden still there or was it plowed under like every other good thing you two did?. Most inspiring First Lady ever! MaybeJill Biden will continue your efforts to make the White House a Green House! (Btw: It’s too cold to plant summer vegetables yet where I live but in my garden there are: rhubarb, artichoke, 4 types of berry shrubs, a plum tree and 4 different herbs which have survived the winter.). In Tasmania, Australia we are currently trialling a school lunch program in a few schools that’s links to the school garden and local producers. Loved your work at the White House. Has been inspirational for my work in school food. Thank you.. I visited that garden when I was lucky enough to tour the lawn of the White House. It was right there accessible so cool. You always cared about healthy eating which is so important and imminent to a good life. As always you’re the best Shoes off black white doormat I’ve p… See More

Shoes off black white doormat

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