Six feet people grinch face mask

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It’s basically State News that caters to President Kid Diddler. Six feet people grinch face mask. Only one of their anchors will speak against his nonsense.

Six feet people grinch face mask

Six feet people grinch face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

CNN is where it is at in your opinion ? I forgot but maybe you can help – was it 30 minutes or 1 hour that CNN went far left on all delivery after the rioters departed this HQs building- never mind, don’t answer that as I can respect your individual views on matters – have a great evening. This would be funny if it were not so sad. Six feet people grinch face mask. “Ground Zero” ? New York has nearly 30,000 more deaths than Florida. Wake Up CNN. Florida is almost out of icu beds. Do your buttcheeks keep your ears warm or what? Oh I forgot the orange nazi in washington said Florida is doing great so we should all line up for the kool aid right? they say there full because they laid off a lot of the staff, only 23 percent are in hospitals for COVID , the rest are dying now cause they weren’t getting treated for the real illness that people were putting off getting treated. So very sad but let’s keep it political anyway. And btw the most cases in Fl are in the democratic controlled are in Miami ! Hialeah Florida republican mayor discussed DeSantis today and made it clear what a horrific ignorant lying failure DeSantis is. This isn’t about politics. DeSantis is a cancer and failure cost America tens of thousands of lives because of his stupidity and ignorance and focus of business over health and safety of Americans. Now America especially Floridians are paying the price bigtime of DeSantis and trump and pence.

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