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I think we need to Protest being made to risk our lives !!! Skeleton sewing room poster. These protesters are a minority. They are just loud. WE need to stand up and say NO, HELL NO we don’t want to DIE for the economy. Is the Trump Administration just going to sit around and Are the American people just going to turn a blind eye while tens of thousands of our citizens die because the federal government refuses to act. How can we call ourselves civilized when we act like savages.

Skeleton sewing room poster

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Skeleton sewing room poster
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I normally don’t wish an illness on anyone, but this is not a normal time. I hope Trump and his whole rat family get this and lie in beds for weeks struggling to just breathe. And IF they recover, it is to discover their health is forever damaged, reduced lung capacity, liver damage and kidney failure. Skeleton sewing room poster. Here i must slightly disagree. Fauci has an agenda, has a personal interest in the patents of the vaccines developed, has a personal connection through an institute he owns with the Wuhan Lab and Trump knows it. You need to address the law that allows government scientists to patent products – he has a significant conflict of interest here which makes his advice dubious.

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