Skeleton Surfing Summer Vibe Hawaiian Shirt

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This week, Trey Gowdy reflects on last week’s violence at the U.S. Capitol building and his hopes the country returns to acting as a nation of laws ! !. When someone is as vocal and adamant about corruption snd then suddenly vaporizes makes one wonder why the cessation. There could be a number of reasons. Yet, the one excuse that I keep hearing is: who told you to shut up??. I was always hoping you were going to step up to lead our country. I will assume you had excellent reasons for stepping down and I respect your decision.. Mr.Gowdy I was hoping maybe you can speak to why Republicans seem not to fight for any conservative values. It seems like all your party does is slow down democrats and though for a good part I don’t want what they have to offer your side of the debate… See More Skeleton Surfing Summer Vibe Hawaiian Shirt

Skeleton Surfing Summer Vibe Hawaiian Shirt

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I wish there were a clearing house of unbiased information. They could tell what is/ was good about every administration, what is political expediency, what are the ulterior motives. Who is benefitting personally. What is good geopolitical policy, what… See More. Trey, you are amazing! You are too good for politics. A man of your integrity, intellect and knowledge of the Constitution sets you in a class apart from other politicians. Prepare to be lonely…because you are in a class all by yourself. Thank y… See More. I would like to know the real reason for you resigning when the country needed you. Don’t say it was family.. Trey, thank you for your insight on all this mess. Sure learn from you and enjoy your podcasts! Miss you in Washington, but sure understand why you got out. Hope you and your family are good.. President or Vice President Trey Gowdy, Sounds good to me. But what he and Trump could accomplish as a team just might save our country. Skeleton Surfing Summer Vibe Hawaiian Shirt

Skeleton Surfing Summer Vibe Hawaiian Shirt

Trey, would you please help me understand why, in light of the truth about the 2020 election thanks to magnificent research and evidence produced, someone with governmental authority doesn’t do something (for lack of a better term) to return this back … See More. You said tonight on your show that you’re caving in and taking the vaccine?? As if we should follow you. You ask who do we trust? “No longer, you”, Trey! Good grief, . Sorry I missed this week, but II am SO happy that you are available to provide and clarify WHAT has happened to our world??? and what can we do to get it back?. So again I didn’t listen to the whole thing but of Course any of the real hard questions were not asked it didn’t seem from what part I listened too. OK Trey Gowdy. When DT ran for President my man was you. Our Unified front may just be the man in your mirror for 2024. Talk to your wife, talk to God, because your country very well needs you.

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