Skeleton Wreath

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Skeleton Wreath. Order now before lose it forever.


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The Demowhacko party would not exist if it weren’t for the ignorant and weak minded BOTS out there. Skeleton Wreath. Conservatives promote freedoms, civil society, less gov’t intervention in our lives.

Skeleton Wreath

Skeleton Wreath- pic 1
Wreath- pic 1

They promote teaching of our history, good and bad, as it defines the great Country we are today. They also promote loyalty and Patriotism to the USA. They promote inclusivity and tolerance. The Demotyranny politicians promote chaos, supression of ideas and freedoms, attacking others that don’t confirm to their divisive ideologies, injecting big gov’t controls in your lives, businesses and health care decisions. Is this the society you want your kids living in? Skeleton Wreath. If you supress your kids from thinking for themselves, they will eventually despise you for it. extrem reduce of population of fish, increase of oil and plastic take all this hope away that the oceans will be safe.. there wont. And unless they get this in check, then literally NOTHING any other country does to curb CO2 emissions will be of any relevance. The planet NEEDS the Amazon to survive. The Amazon is our last frontier. It accounts for 20% of the world’s breathable air (if i am not mistaken). If we lose this, a lot of animals including us will die. Wow your comments is wonderful,I tried to send you a friend request but didn’t go through please send me a friend request I have something to ask if you don’t mind. Agree with you Jane and it’s in every County . All the Leaders reach to Money. why is nobody working for the Population? They should all going to Hell. The Whole Leaders of our World.

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