Skull american flag classic cap

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Skull american flag classic cap . Order now before lose it forever.



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YOU (& or whoever runs your social media pages) have GOT to start REALLY posting, discussing, TALKING ABOUT the fact the erroneous FILIBUSTER HAS GOT TO GOooooo or else, NON of these long OVERDUE//needed bills will be “able” to actually PASS U.S. Sen… See More. We MUST address the disabled and seniors who also live in poverty. You can’t help families without helping the most vulnerable population in our country, the elderly and those that are mentally & physically challenged.. Totally agree with Bernie. Constitution say by the people for the people, not by the wealthy for the wealthy. Repugnicans are nothing but greed at its worst.. I agree 100% keep it going Biden, don’t let up. Everyone needs take notice of the republicans who only thinks of the rich. Everyone remember them when it’s time to vote!. America has always had a segment that wants the status quo. The ones who have the most and want it to stay that way. When we have the opportunity to change things for the better, we must do it. There’s no guarantee we can do it later. Skull american flag classic cap

Skull american flag classic cap

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To achieve this, progressives must be willing to play hard ball. Willing to deny voting for bills (even if there are good things in it) unless Congress puts in progressive legislation. That’s how we lost a $15 minimum wage on the new stimulus bill. Pro… See More. We should be pressing to get big government out of Skull american flag classic cap our daily lives. There eroding personal freedom by trying to control. 1994, 2009, there’s a clear pattern where Democrats try to negotiate a “moderate” position that only serves to drag this country further and further to the right. We don’t need to guess where the current policy speared by Biden leads us, we already kno… See More. that is exactly what our greatest Pres. Trump was doing and headed to doing more of. the problem with the colleges is our young people are being taught propaganda so that needs to change but the rest is exactly where we were and headed. the democrats a… See More

Skull american flag classic cap

I remember my father coming home bloody from strikes at AZ copper mines. People fought for unions and then companies have bought politicians for years to fight against them. Did some unions get taken over by crooks? Yep but now we know and know what to… See More. When a company pays more for union busting as it does in taxes, there is a problem!. If the boss is hell bent on trying to stop unionization, you know it will benefit the workers. Defy the Boss. Unionize & negotiate better conditions/pay/benefits for the workers. Bezo’s Company has the means; it’s time we started pushing these dragons … See More. Thank you sen Bernie Sanders sir for sharing this with me and your supporters and congratulations to the innocent . Eliminate at-will employment and see how quickly the People unionize. When you can be fired without cause, just talking about a union could mean your family goes without food.

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