Skull face filter face mask

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Because we blanket the words Democrat and Republican into places where the word American or Federal Government are more truthful. Skull face filter face mask. For example, “Americans put children in cages. Its what we do!” Or Federal Government closes pandemic response team at CDC.” It just may provide Americans with the option to look at us vs them as ‘citizen to Gov’t’ as opposed to ‘this half of Gov’t vs the other half.

Skull face filter face mask

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face mask – detail

Simple. Lack of preparation. Our government did not prepare, and they had months of warnings and people trying to guide and help them. Skull face filter face mask. The number one thing we should be able to count on from our federal government is protection, and we cannot. Corporations didn’t want the shut down and kept falsely pretending this would not have the impact it would, and wanted our government to just let it blow over. Trump listened to them rather than the epidemiologists and other health experts for precious months, because that’s what he’d rather hear. “It’s a hoax!” “We’re winning!” “Nobody knew…”. Ugh! Now our doctors and nurses, and therefore, all of us, are more at risk of getting infected by this virus

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