Skull flower hawaiian shirt

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48 years and you haven’t delivered. you’ve been in politics long, enough you have to backtrack on everything from the first half of your career. Sorry to hear about your arrest in S. Africa. You better review his record. He did very well in those years. Skull flower hawaiian shirt. In 4 years Trump has blown up our alliances, loved dictators, enriched his friends and families

Skull flower hawaiian shirt

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shirt – detail

Lee and Dennis are both trolls. Probably paid by they might also just be psychopaths. The best way to deal with them is ignore them. They thrive on attention. The reason they answer each other is to trick FB into pushing their lies and drivel up in it’s display algorithms. The best thing you can do is to ignore and block. Skull flower hawaiian shirt. Honest. Trumpers are incorrigible even if these two were ‘real’ and not trolls. You won’t convince them because they are either fake accounts pushing garbage or they are suffering from Trumpism. Dennis Smith, you mastered the class on sleeping through history. Biden authored 20 meaningful bills during his time in the Senate, and another 189 amendments that became law. He co-sponsored hundreds of bills. His final two years in office, sevebn Biden-authored bills were signed into law, and he passed 70 amendments to other legislation.

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