Skull Game Over You Lose Hawaiian Shirt



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Skull Game Over You Lose Hawaiian Shirt

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Alatar (Quenya; IPA: [ˈalatar] – “After-Comer”), also called Morinehtar (Quenya; [moriˈneçtar]), meaning Darkness-slayer, was a Maia and an immortal Istar wizard. He travelled to Middle-earth in the Second Age with Rómestámo (Pallando), and they became the Ithryn Luin, or “Blue Wizards”.

They travelled to the east of Arda, to countries in far eastern Middle-earth such as Rhûn and Khand, where they were sent to stir up rebellions against those serving Sauron. In this, they were successful, and they later returned to Middle-earth in the Third Age and travelled East and South once again, but they never returned to the West after their journey with Saruman. It is possible that they became the founders of secret and magical cults, but their ultimate fate remains unknown.

Skull Game Over You Lose Hawaiian Shirt
Skull Game Over You Lose Hawaiian Shirt

Their task was to circumvent Sauron: to bring help to the few tribes of Men that had rebelled from Melkor-worship, to stir up rebellion… and after his first fall to search out his hiding and to cause dissension and disarray among the dark East… They must have had very great influence on the history of the Second Age and Third Age in weakening and disarraying the forces of the East… who both in the Second Age and Third Age otherwise have… outnumbered the West

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