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Please define what you mean by “a democracy”, Berniestaff. Skull Pilot five finger death punch poster Voting suppression, as deplorable as it is in a system with an electoral politics meant to be representational of the majority, is really just one small part of the multitude of problems with the current American political system—and not the worst. In fact voting as a whole is not nearly as important as a litany of other issues, for example the corrupting influence of money.. Face it Bernie Republicans still govern these country they just walk all over the Biden relief package just like that and millions of Americans will be back were they were BROKE !!! While politicians will keep getting richer everytime they get re elected !!!!. The issue is this country supports and funds the genocide in Gaza. It is shameful and stopping this ought to be thte first priority of all our citizens. Palestine is the epicenter for the struggle for human rights internationally. This country is on the wrong side of the struggle.

Personalized Mountain Bike Customize Poster

Peter Carsillo And while putting out this message, they can get rid of the filibuster without saying anything about it. We need to take the Bull by the horns and get s*** done while we have the damn power to do it!. Osborne, I’ve been saying that too.. Peter Carsillo then you will be crying if the Republicans take the house and senate back over. Just because the democrats have power now doesn’t mean they will forever.. The problem is that we all thought if we can get the democrats into the majority in Congress these things would be fixed. But we have that majority and the Republicans are still standing against justice and equality.. I like Bernie but I think it’s a power grab by the democrats let anybody with a beating heart vote no prove of citizenship. Richard McRee. When one party seeks to control all states and side with the rich elite in an effort to deter the lower and middle class from participating in electing people or persons to represent them, is borderline communistic. Skull Pilot five finger death punch poster

Personalized Mountain Bike Customize Poster

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